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Apple Mac Shipments Plunge, even as PC Shipments Rise from the Dead

wolfstreet.com / by Wolf Richter / October 12, 2016 

A classic case of channel stuffing?

Worldwide PC shipments fell 3.9% in the third quarter from a year ago, according to IDC, thus continuing the long methodical decline of the entire ecosystem. But beneath the surface: shipments of the boring uncool brands rose worldwide and soared in the US, as shipments of cool Macs plunged.

Grave injustice? Or just sign or our commoditized times and channel stuffing?

Despite predictions of the sector’s death, these machines – desktops, workstations, and notebooks of all kinds, but not servers and tablets – are still the workhorses in the office environment, and their death is going to arrive only slowly and in fits and starts.

Lenovo, which in 2004 bought IBM’s PC division, is still the market leader, with a 21.3% share. But its global shipments fell 3.2%; it has growth trouble in China, its home market, where it does much of its business. For Lenovo, Q3 was the sixth quarter in a row of year-over-year declines.