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An Interesting IDB update! And how IDB got even faster.  IDB is fast, reliable, and FREE to use. Just join and start posting!

Friday Update - Technically Speaking

Right off, the market, while higher than anyone expected is not afraid of a Trump Administration as evidenced by this chart.  Relative to 1 yr ago, Financials are doing the best, with Cyclicals, Discretionary and Energy bringing up the rear.  The Full Spread is linked here: -> FULL SPEAD
CLICK on it to VIEW

The Wilshire 5000 measures the Market Cap of the 5000 largest companies and is one of my SignPosts I ck to see if the market is healthy - so far so good.

 Moving on, it came to me last week that the Former Dow Theory Bear Market Signal may be neutralized or reversed, based on further review, kinda like a Coaches Challenge, to follow ASAP, probably next week before I do a regular review.

Now while Mr. Naz and Mr.NY are experiencing a bit of indecision,  I am in a hold mode concering the General Market and have one or two individual buys either in the SPYDER SECTOR (Feel free to Join), or
 a whole bunch more of odd ones in the PEAK PICKS, naturally in the Silver and Gold Miners sectors.

  While Mr. NAZ and Mr. NY are classic in the picture of indecision, their position allows them to resolve either way.

However that said, I include both this chart and the link to it.   If you use the link to the FREE Chart, you can then input your stock and get an idea where you stand.  Me ?  I'd bolt if the dots (SAR) were breeched on a closing basis.  A bit more guts have you, then  you can use the KAMA line.  For sure when both are breeched I am outta there.  


 thats it for now, more later.