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How things are going at IDB

Probably some of you know I used to be a member of a competitor site and, if you know that, you also know that IDB exists because I got tired of the problems at that site several years ago.  The story at the other site of continued perormance problems AND high operating costs signaled to me that it was time to correct that issue by building what I knew could be a better solution.  Hence, IDB.

I just wanted you each to know that I did things the right way when I built IDB.  It's a modern low-cost platform.  Being modern means that it works well with modern platforms like iPad and iPhone.  And low-cost means we built on a platform that makes sense for a site like this which leads to reliability and speed.

We host on the latest servers meaning, as of Jan 2014, are running on solid state disks (SSDs) and not the older spinning disk platters.  The change in servers (we upgrade servers once a year as hardware improves and this upgrade just happened to be a bigger step than most) increased the speed of the site 5x and lowered our hosting costs dramatically.  We now pay $80/mo to host the IDB site and that includes backups and all the bandwidth and compute resources we'd need for a site with 10x our current traffic.  One report from our competitors is that they spend $8000/mo -- 100X what we spend.  And we know they are spending on bug fixes and site administration that we don't have to because our platform does not have those sorts of expensive issues.

The point of all this is that IDB is positioned to be your best choice.  We have the cost structure, the reliability, the speed, and the modern platform to give you and your community a great experience and to be here for the long-run financially.

Our one limiting factor is that not enough people know our story.  So please share this as you see fit and specifically share it to those boards that you know are struggling due to poor quality websites or that have community issues that they can't escape if they stay on their current platform.

Thanks for your time! 

- Admin (Paul)

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