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In response to 1. Ghost View counts 2. Editor issues by Watching TiVo (10/10/2014, 11:48am)

Re: 1. Ghost View counts 2. Editor issues

Gang, the editors are the biggest issue I have with the site as well.  We have not had a good result with the editors. Not with any of them.  If you have editors on other sites that you really like, let me know.  I will consider anything.

The view counts get high on a single post when someone on facebook or linkedin or other sites posts a link to the post on our site and then 100's of people hit that one post.  This also drives up the board view counts for a couple of days usually.  It means your board is getting a lot of people looking in!  There is not anything we can do about this.  It's a reflection of site traffic.


- Admin (Paul)

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