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Stop! Can This Tech Stock Change Your Life?

Start-up company called Monarchy Ventures  ( MONK  ) is aiming to help cure aging as we know it and we believe it could be the Next BIG THING in the fast growing Anti-Aging & the Fitness tracking industries industry in 2015.

Human desire to look young and beautiful for eternity has eluded mankind for centuries.Potions, recipes and elixirs of life have been the great pursuits of man both in ancient and modern civilizations.The Harsh but certain truth of demise, the fact that life is perishable with the inevitability of death has confronted man for as long as history noted. But the certainty of death hasn’t really altered the quests and desires of mankind for finding the code for ever lasting youth. We can cheat Death!, this notion has for centuries, forced civilizations to come up with their versions of elixirs of life. But the way civilizations have progressed something has changed, today we live in a different world, today we live in a modern world which is connected through technology.

The dramatic rise in life expectancy that the industrial world has experienced throughout the twentieth century has made aging, or rather, the quest for a prolonged and healthier lifespan, an important topic. But an increase in life expectancy has created problems of confronting old age and its underlying realities. This lead to the rise in the Anti-Age related products. The economics of this problem show a different story. According to a recent report, the global anti-aging market is expected to grow at a healthy compound annual growth rate of 7.8% between 2013 and 2019; increasing from $122.3 billion in 2013 to almost $200 Billion by 2019

This is happening because a number of very important reasons, the United States and the rest of the world has a major problem, Baby Boomers and Gen. X population is quickly reaching old age, and there is an increased demand for Anti-Aging and Life extension products for the massive market

Death is being treated differently today, futurists like Ray Kurzweil, and Aubrey de Grey classify death as a disease, and postulate the longevity of life through breakthroughs in Science and Technology. Big Pharma and Tech Companies are following suit in Life Extension research and betting billions on this field. The $1.5 Billion partnership between Google’s biotech startup Calico and and Big Pharma Giant AbbVie, shows the promise the industry in-stores for future investments.

The technology industry has had an enormous impact on the health and fitness and Anti Aging industries. We have seen the tremendous disruption Fitness tracking Apps made, in creating an entirely new industry of Life-logging and Sensory assisted measured fitness making it a Billion Dollar Industry today. The Anti-Aging Industry is no different, thats why our company Monarchy Ventures (OTC:MONK) is betting big on Technology assisted Anti-Ageing products, starting with our revolutionary App 60k.

60k made by  Monarchy Ventures (OTC:MONK) is the World’s First breakthrough App which promises to solve the aging problem and reduce the risk of life threatening diseases. The way it works is that it keeps in check the fundamental indicators of the user’s health, his lifestyle and his daily routine. 60K creates a genetic profile based on a strict diet and nutritional plan. These Profiles are tailored profiles, patients with chronic diseases, like Diabetes, Obesity and High Blood Pressure can track their health and fitness and get suggestions tailored to their health conditions.

A typical Health tracking app just takes into account the amount of activity and normal calorie intake, which is a superficial selection of a diet plan which only takes into consideration the intake of calories and macronutrients. 60K on the other hand supplements the calorie and macronutrient intake information, with additional information of micronutrients such as Vitamins and flavonoids. It also provides access to cutting edge research articles, promoting the intake of healthier supplements in the dietary plan.

Companies like Jawbone, Nike’s Fuel band, Misfit have seen tremendous growth. Startups like Xiaomi with their basic Mi Band have seen significant adoption in large markets like china. The industry is growing tremendously with market sizereaching above $10 billion by 2020 But the fitness tracking industry isn’t catering to an immensely large user base of old age users, who require a more tailored app to keep in check their health, following Anti-Aging practices for a better lifestyle.60K is the answer to their needs.
There is tremendous investment opportunity for this App since it lies in the intersection of the Anti-Aging & the Fitness tracking industries which will be of a combined market size of more than $210 Billion by 2020, since there is an ever increasing demand for Anti-Aging and Life extension products by a more than 70 million-members growing market in the US alone. Its safe to classify this app as the “NEXT BIG THING” in the Anti-Aging & Fitness tracking industry because of the sheer demand and huge market size of this market. This App creates an unparallel opportunity for investors looking to invest in Markets with Positive growth trends, since the Anti-Aging industry is showing no signs slumps and a compound annual growth trend of more than 7.8% year-on- year, investors will have a very safe bet on 60K which operates in the Anti-Aging and Fitness tracking Market.