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Don’t Rule Out Much Higher Oil Prices

Don’t Rule Out Much Higher Oil Prices

caseyresearch.com / October 07 2017

Justin’s note: Today, I’m sharing a very timely essay with you.

It comes from my good friend Ben Morris. Ben writes DailyWealth Trader, a popular financial advisory for Stansberry Research. He’s also one of the brightest traders I know.

Below, Ben explains why the price of oil could continue to soar. As I showed you a couple weeks ago, I too think oil and oil stocks are about to rip much higher. This is a huge idea and I encourage you to read this essay closely…

By Ben Morris with Drew McConnell, DailyWealth Trader

It’s in your car…

It’s in your kitchen cabinet…

We use it to build roads and to make chemicals…

Once you know all the ways it’s used, you’ll see it everywhere. And you’ll know that it isn’t going away anytime soon.

We’re talking about crude oil…

Crude oil is one of the most widely used natural resources in the world. It’s refined into gasoline, jet fuel, heating oil, and other petroleum-based products. Some of these are then used to produce asphalt, plastics (like food containers and water bottles), and industrial chemicals.


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