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An Interesting IDB update! And how IDB got even faster.  IDB is fast, reliable, and FREE to use. Just join and start posting!

In response to anyone think the API numbers have been leaked by farml1234 (01/09/2018, 12:48pm)

Re: anyone think the API numbers have been leaked

Ahhh ... the question really is "Are you a paid subscriber"  to API data and get the early release?

I don't anymore since I have long ago ended my subscription to the service when they raised prices and since the API data is "less than accurate" compared to the EIA data, and also when the API stopped the weekly Natural Gas Draw data when the EIA began listing NatGas inventory updates - actually there were two organizations doing the NatGas data back then and now both are gone in favor of the EIA. A move in petroleum inventories this large (even for the API) warrants the big boys to place speculative bets on tomorrow's EIA data release. That is why the price of oil moved as it did before the API data release this evening.