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After 5 1/2 Years Of Precious Metal Suppression, How Much “Ammo” Does The Cartel Have Left?

After 5 1/2 Years Of Precious Metal Suppression, How Much “Ammo” Does The Cartel Have Left?

milesfranklin.com / by Andrew Hoffman / Jun 2, 2017

Following up this week’s “historic market manipulation is setting the stage for catastrophe” theme, here’s how the U.S. PPT/Fed/ESF and the Chinese “national team” responded to dramatic, across-the-board PiMBEEB headlines yesterday.  In the U.S.’s case, a dramatic plunge in April construction spending; a May autosales “bloodbath; the downgrade of Illinois to one notch above junk status; and plunging commodities, particularly crude oil. And in China’s case, a dramatic plunge in its May PMI Manufacturing Index, to a recessionary 49.4 reading.  Yes, the good old fashioned “dead ringer” – which has been propping the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” for at least five years; and in China’s case, the two years since the Shanghai Stock Exchange crashed, prompting China’s government to have their own “point of no return” moment – after which, they started manipulating all markets, all the time.


Conversely, mere hours after publishing “ultra-bullish trends in the 5½ year downtrend line war,” Precious Metals did something I literally haven’t seen in years.  I.e., come all the way back from steep, Cartel-orchestrated early morning losses to end “strongly” – which I put in quotes, as gold ended up a whopping dollar; whilst silver, which at one point was down nearly $0.30/oz for absolutely no reason other than Cartel naked shorting, ended down $0.01/oz, after being maniacally “DLITG’d,” or “don’t let it turn green’d,” in the day’s final moments.  Which the crybaby Cartel of course “fought back” against with a stronger than usual “sixth sigma manipulation proof” raid in the one-hour, ultra-thinly traded “aftermarket,” from 4:00 to 5:00 PM EST; and of course, this morning’s 848th2:15 AM” raid of the past 968 trading days, leading up to today’s LOL, “all-important” jobs report.  Still, die-hard Cartel watchers like myself take note of such things; as trust me, yesterday’s “unusual” PM rebound – as in, the type of thing that hasn’t occurred in at least a decade – meant something.