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The Ecstasy of Gold

The Ecstasy of Gold

schiffgold.com / BY SCHIFFGOLD / JUNE 9, 2017 

The quest for gold can drive people to great extremes.

Ennio Morricone’s musical composition entitled “The Ecstasy of Gold” captures the passion aroused by gold in musical form.

If you have ever seen a Metallica concert, you are familiar with the song. The band has been using it to open its concerts for years.

Morricone composed the piece for the classic western “The Good the Bad and the Ugly,” staring Clint Eastwood. The song plays as Tuco (played by Eli Wallach) frantically searches a cemetery for the grave of Arch Stanton. It supposedly holds $200,000 in gold coins. The music, coupled with the frenetic cinematography, perfectly captures the emotions aroused by gold. Ecstasy is the perfect word.

Ultimately, Tuco gets his gold – or at least half of it.