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Forget The Pullback, Silver Is Going To Skyrocket Way Above $100!

Forget The Pullback, Silver Is Going To Skyrocket Way Above $100!

kingworldnews.com / March 11, 2017

On the heels of a rough couple of weeks in the gold and silver markets, today one of the top money managers in the world told King World News that investors should forget this pullback because the price of silver is headed way above $100.

Stephen Leeb:  “Perhaps, despite my best efforts to convince you otherwise, you still don’t believe in gold. You are convinced the world is in good shape and that China and the U.S. will be buddies and mutually prosper. And you believe the dollar will remain the world’s reserve currency…

Gold Will Be The Center Of The New Monetary System
You certainly have a right to your opinion. Moreover, I hope you are right, and that I have missed something. Still, I vehemently disagree with you, for all the reasons I have been citing in these interviews. I believe our time has passed and the East, led by China, is headed for hegemony. China wants gold to be at the center of a new monetary system, and China will get its way.

But instead of arguing this case yet again, let me offer an alternative investment that will flourish whether I’m right or wrong about gold. Silver, the white metal, is ideally suited for both a gold-dominated world and a world of prosperity. In fact, you can argue it is suited for nearly all possible worlds that could lie ahead.