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How to Get the Most Out of Gold’s Defensive Profit Potential

How to Get the Most Out of Gold’s Defensive Profit Potential

wallstreetexaminer.com / by Tom Gentile via Money Morning / June 5, 2017

I’m a trader. That means I like to be covered, defended at all times. That goes for individual trades and of course for all my capital.

My favorite protection? Owning gold.

When you want to cash in on your gold in this form, you have to go through the trouble of putting it back up for sale either through a dealer (who’s just as likely as not to take a cut), or pay fees to sell it in an online auction. You could even hold your own private sale, if you feel you can drum up buyers on your own.

These are all perfectly fine ways to go about tapping into the unique protective profit potential of gold.

There are easier ways, though…

Own Gold Without, Well, Owning It

On the other hand, there are ways to invest in gold without ever having to see or touch it.

Gold futures are one way, although I’d only ever advise seasoned traders to even consider it. Futures should be thought of as speculating and, while there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, it’s not quite the same thing as investing. Even the most diehard gold-bug pro traders would tell you that.

Instead let me have you consider one of my favorite zero-hassle ways to play the yellow metal: gold exchange-traded funds.