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Precious Metals’ Ultimate Downside Protection

Precious Metals’ Ultimate Downside Protection

milesfranklin.com / by Andrew Hoffman / Jun 29, 2017

With each passing day, the deception Central bankers stoop to, in a desperate attempt to maintain a status quo that has enriched the “1%” at the expense of all others, stair-steps inexorably higher.  Frankly, it’s surreal watching it all play out – knowing full well, that the only thing standing between the spectacular, terrifying final act of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme is the historic, unfathomably blatant rigging of all financial markets; utilizing the most advanced “manipulation technology” imaginable; and a propaganda barrage Joseph Goebbels would blanche at, from the “evil Troika” of Washington, Wall Street, and the “fake news” Mainstream Media.  These sub-humans will say and do anything to destroy any semblance of truth and beneficence they come across; and anyone perceived to be a “threat” to its “un-masking.”  Don’t believe me?  Than please attempt to refute one of CNN’s most vicious anti-Trump propagandists being caught, red-handed, admitting the past year’s Russia-related impeachment push was based on lies.

In yesterday’s “Central bank hubris that would make Icarus blanche,” I, in painstaking detail, de-constructed the comically contradictory, blatantly misleading “strategy” the Fed and ECB have apparently committed to; to maintain easy monetary policy, yet talk a big game when the pressure of actually doing something is nil.

“Goldman Mario” Draghi.  Who, just two weeks after the June 8th ECB meeting; at which, it dramatically, unexpectedly, reduced its long-term inflation expectations well below its arbitrary 2% target; whilst proclaiming “the Governing Council expects the key ECB interest rates to remain at their present for an extended period of time, and well past the horizon of the net asset purchases”; stated in a press conference earlier this week that – following two weeks of plunging commodity prices, no less; “the threat of deflation is gone.”  Which aside from contradicting his prior statement to the point of lunacy; and having zero basis in reality; was espoused after the ECB maintained its negative 0.4% interest rate and historic QE program.