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Pretty funny but totally unnecessary

Well we had yesterday's gigantic bull candle in GDX accompanied by 150 Mil in vol, if not a record, kinda close.  Convincing no doubt, unless you hesitate and doubt yourself.   Disbelief has been instilled in us by years of manipulations and smackdowns, which motivated me to create THE GOLDEN MEAN.   Simply, it is only good for two things.  Identifying the BUY of the Gold, Silver Miner ETF's and identyfying the SELL of the Gold, Silver Miner ETFs.   Clients got out of HGD.To, the Canadian GOLD Miner ETF ( BEAR) ( 2X leverage) Mar 13 (also the Bear Silver ETF HZD.To), and went to the long side on Mar 13 and 14 just on the Gold Miner ETF HGU.To.  Silver seems to be lagging so I am leaving it alone for now.  Truly it was unnecessary to miss that Signal if  you had THE GOLDEN MEAN.   Once Paul get it going, my ad for it will go up.  Right now my current BUY is in effect and if you'd like to subscribe, ask yourself if your decisive enuf to use the Signals when I issue them.  Right now, till my ad gets going here, I will off THE GOLDEN MEAN, with a first month refund policy for IDB Members @  $ 43.99 US on this link->  https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=2SX2PLZZAXXRC

Each GOLDEN MEAN Subscription will receive a complimentary PEAK PICKS Subscription as part of the Discount Package

This package will only be available until my Ad goes LIVE on IDB.  Thanks.  Dg




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