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7 Best Marijuana Stocks That Blazed A Trail In 2017

7 Best Marijuana Stocks That Blazed A Trail In 2017

The Methods Of Marijuana Investment


Investors can stake a claim to the opportunity presented by this sunrise industry through several avenues:
Pure-play marijuana stocks chosen after careful investigation and vetting. GW Pharmaceuticals PLC- ADR GWPH is one such company based in the U.K. that develops cannabis-based drugs. The company's Sativex, its only product on the market, is used to treat spasticity in multiple sclerosis patients.
Cannabis ETFs such as the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF, which replicates the performance of the North American Marijuana Index.
Mainstream biopharma companies with a cannabis-based drug in the market such as Insys Therapeutics In INSY, which sells Syndros, a liquid formulation of cannabinoid dronabinol, used for nausea and vomiting in AIDS and cancer patients.

Stocks of companies exposed to the cannabis industry such as Scotts Miracle-Gro Co SMG, which recently bought businesses that facilitate hydroponics.


2017's Blazing Marijuana Stocks


  • VILLAGE FARMS INTL VFFIF: +414.2 percent
  • EMERALD HEALTH TH EMHTF: +299.8 percent
  • AURORA CANNABIS IN ACBFF: +221.5 percent
  • CRONOS GROUP INC PRMCF: +214.8 percent
  • APHRIA INC APHQF: +206 percent
  • CANOPY GROWTH CORP TWMJF: +150 percent
  • Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARNA: +119.4 percent
Village Farms
Village Farms is a greenhouse company that seeks to capitalize on the weed frenzy by venturing into the production of medical marijuana in Canada. Moving away from its core business of growing cucumbers, tomatoes and the like, the company struck a partnership with Emerald Health in June to use one of its greenhouses in Vancouver to grow marijuana, with the converted unit named Pure Sunfarms.
Since the announcement of a second site for growing medical marijuana in Delta, British Columbia in mid-September, the stock has spiked sharply.

Emerald Health
Apart from its partnership with Village Farms, Emerald Health recently announced that its Vine Labs unit, a joint venture with Abattis Bioceuticals, had its dealer's license amended by Health Canada, allowing it to transport, deliver and offer items to other licensed dealers, opening up a downstream opportunity for the company.
Vine Labs is already in possession of a license for analytical testing, extraction and import/export of cannabis products.
Aurora Cannabis
Aurora Cannabis, a supplier of medical cannabis in Canada, has initiated steps for an international expansion, especially to countries such as Germany and Australia. To cement its market positioning further, the company recently announced plans to buy Canadian marijuana grower CANNIMED THERAPEUT CMMDF.
Cronos Group
Cronos Group is a Canadian investment firm with exposure to the marijuana industry through its ownership of and stakes it has built up in Canadian medicinal marijuana companies such as Peace Naturals (full ownership) and HYDROPOTHECARY COR HYYDF (a strategic stake).
Aphria, which grows as well as retails medical marijuana in Canada, has ventured into exporting overseas. The company recently announced a deal to supply medical marijuana to Canadian pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart.
Canopy Growth
Canopy Growth, both a producer and supplier of weed, has been a product of many M&A transactions and is heavily reliant on inorganic growth. Constellation Brands, Inc. STZ recently announced a deal to buy a 9.9-percent stake in Canopy Growth for $191 million, as the former is exploring the option of bringing cannabis-based drinks to the market.
Arena Pharma

Arena Pharma has non-cannabinoid drugs in its pipeline such as Etrasimod, while its APD371 is an orally available agonist of the cannabinoid receptor 2, or CB2 receptor being studied for potential development in several indications, including pain. This compound, through its selectivity, is designed to provide pain relief without psychotropic effects and without the potential for dependence or abuse.