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8 Things To Do NOW Before The Economy Crashes Again

8 Things To Do NOW Before The Economy Crashes Again

The stock market has seen nearly perpetual success over the last eight years. The country is also carrying 20 trillion dollars in debt that will expand exponentially in the coming years. Worse than that, many Americans are so woefully unprepared for an economic downturn that if we see something like a derivatives bubble burst, most Americans will be thrust into a position of serious desperation.

There are eight very important things you must consider today in preparation for economic woes tomorrow. It is not too late to take advantage of the time before the next bubble bursts. Some of these recommendations are changes that will also improve your quality of life! Either way, you will be more prepared for the worst-case scenario.

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1. Cache Some Cash

2. Food Storage

3. Diversify Income

4. Precious Metals

5. Guns, Ammo, and Proficiency

6. Grow Food

7. Meet Neighbors

8. Evaluate Your 401K