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Become A Lean Mean Prepping Machine: Weight Loss For Survival

alt-market.com / By Daisy Luther / January 4, 2012

This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at The Organic Prepper

If the SHTF, you aren’t going to live off your fat. Trust me on this one. If anything, a great deal of excess body fat just might be the thing that kills you.

If you are truly serious about preparedness, getting into shape is one of the best preparations that you can make. What if you had to bug out through the snow with a 25-pound pack on your back, dragging a sled with your toddler on it? How far could you get before you collapsed? Is your heart in condition to go out and swing an axe for a few hours in order to get wood ready for the fireplace? Will your back go out when you try to clean up the debris on your property after a devastating storm?

You can have all the tools and prepper gadgets in the world, but if your body is not fit and strong you will have great difficulty surviving a real long-term disaster.

If you are more than 30 pounds overweight, you are carrying the equivalent of a second bug-out bag when you head to the woods, causing your expended effort to multiply, which makes fatigue set in faster. Your family’s lives could one day depend on your ability to keep up with the youngsters. Do you want them to have to wait while you haul your out-of-shape butt up the mountain?

The vows to lose weight and get in shape are the most common New Year’s resolutions. The busiest month at a commercial gym is January, and then things taper off as people lose their resolve. Programs like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and MediFast also rank January as the biggest months of the year for sales.

Fitness and nutrition are passions of mine. This month, I’m going to be writing about how those are two of the most important facets of your preps. We have goals to reach, mountains to climb and disasters to survive! So let’s get to it!

(Whether weight loss is your goal or not, these nutritional tips will help you get yourself into the best health of your life. )