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News on IDB Funding -- this is now on it's own page to clean up the site a bit.



IDB is going on hiatus in one month (end of March 2018).  It's been a fun ride since our launch in 2012 but IDB needed more community support to continue running and that has not materialized so we will be mothballing the site in a month.  Thanks for all your interest in IDB over the years and please use this month to find a new home for your board!  -- Paul

Bummer. I guess I will be at my old haunts again come end of March. I have my site and will leave open the "Geopolitical" section for all for whatever discussion any want:


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I thought something might be up when IDB was down for a couple weeks recently. Too bad but I know it's difficult to keep a board up and running smoothly. I do all mine part time as I have my own business to run and partnerships in the oil patch. So my time isn't anywhere near the 24/7 needed as these places grow. Yahoo boards is where many of us started (including "Blue" back when he wasn't such an asshole). The old CWEI board there went bye bye when CWEI was no longer a business. Same with others like BRY for example. Some of us even were on other Yahoo boards but Yahoo allowed way too many Indian and Paki "hot stock tip service" spammers that eventually crowded out the posters and led to the migration to IV and some to split o other boards (I know a few at other places) but most from the early days simply disappeared. I think that I will miss Robry's and Gas000Guy's weekly energy updates on the CWEI board here tho.

So if I don't see any here at my site, or any other sites, then it's been a good ride. Take care.

- Black Blade (Ope Sapa)

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