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How to take your house off the grid without leaving the city

How to take your house off the grid without leaving the city
ver the last 20 years, more than 30,000 people from around the world have visited a small terrace in Sydney’s Chippendale to discover what an off-the-grid house looks like.
And their verdict? It really doesn’t look much different to a regular house at all. There are all the usual appliances, constant electricity, fresh running water and a perfectly stylish bathroom.
The major difference is simply that the energy and water bills are minuscule – below $300 a year for the family of four living there – and the sense of satisfaction for its residents is immense.
“I think people are often overwhelmed by the idea of going off-grid but when they see how simple my house is, they all start thinking, ‘Yes! I can do this!’,” says the house’s owner, sustainability champion Michael Mobbs. 
“You can’t get more straightforward than the energy coming from the sun and the water coming from the sky. You don’t have to be technically gifted, or speak English or even be an adult to do something like this. If I and my six-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter could do it back in 1996, then anyone can.”
The Cost???
How much does it cost to go off the grid?

  • Solar panels and wiring – $2000
  • Battery storage – $17,000
  • Rainwater collection and storage – $11,000
  • Sewage recycling system – $11,000
  • TOTAL – $41,000