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I Am The Enemy -by EE Borton

I Am The Enemy -by EE Borton

June 22, 2017, by Ken Jorgustin

I Am the Enemy
by EE Borton

My cousin is young, intelligent, witty, and kind. Her presence commands your attention and she has the ability to light up the darkest room. She’s an educator in the D.C. area with a passion to teach the next generation that they can become whatever they can dream. If she believes it in her heart, she shows it in her actions.

She’s driven to make this world a better place by teaching children to respect each other, to be tolerant of different opinions, to heal rather than hurt. I’m proud of her for all those things…and I am the enemy.

I am everything she’s teaching them not to be. In her eyes I’m short-sighted, stubborn, and intolerant. I voted for a monster and support policies, executive orders, and laws that would lock the doors against the rest of the world and throw away the keys. I’d rather stand at the border with a gun than a brochure. I can’t argue with her. I am all those things.

She doesn’t understand that I wish I wasn’t. She doesn’t understand that I don’t have a choice. I am who I am because of what I’ve experienced. She is who she is because of what she hasn’t. I thank God every day for that fact.

She doesn’t understand that I don’t want to carry a gun. I’d rather spend money on traveling the world instead of spending it on supplies, equipment, and training to protect my family against anything looking to hurt us. I’d rather be comfortable around strangers instead of profiling them.

She and I don’t see eye to eye on many subjects and I hope it stays that way for the rest of her life. If we ever do, it means that she witnessed something horrible, something horrible happened to her, or she did something horrible to protect life. It’s why I don’t get angry with her when she doesn’t understand me.

It’s easier for her to be passionate, outspoken, and public about her opinions and ideology because they both hold hopes for a better, safer, more tolerant world. On top of that, she’s young enough to believe that the change she wants to see in the world can happen in her lifetime. Me, not so much.

It’s more difficult to voice my opinion that you need to put more rounds downrange so you’ll be more effective in a gunfight. It’s more difficult to voice my opinion about stockpiling food so you don’t get stabbed for a can of beans at the grocery store after the power has been out for a week. It’s more difficult to voice my opinion about closing our borders until the rest of the world can prove they’re not exporting terrorist.

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