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Prepping For Civil Unrest

Prepping For Civil Unrest



The most astonishing fact about civil unrest is that it is happening more and more these days. With the media presenting only one side of the story, usually the wrong one, the one that increases audience; it seems that civil unrest will become a “normal” scenario in our daily lives. Politicians are making a mess of this country, and police officers abuse their power and people become more and more frustrated and nervous. The conditions for civil unrest are met every day and at some point, it will involve us.

Civil unrest can arise from the anger of people. It only takes a small spark to light up an entire neighborhood. Anger over an unpopular policy, a collapse of the currency, a food shortage or anything like that could cause civil unrest, especially in a population that’s already on edge and no longer trusts its authority figures.
There are various types of civil unrest that affect us in different ways. As preppers and law-abiding citizens, we should know how to respond, if we’re caught up in it. You won’t find much information on Google or in the media about what you should do in the event of civil panic. You’re all alone and you should know how to protect yourself and your loved ones when civil unrest hits your area.

Here are the definitions of civil unrest as depicted by a trustworthy source that used to work for the government:

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