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Report: ‘Prepper’ Sales are Up Amid Endtime Concerns

Report: ‘Prepper’ Sales are Up Amid Endtime Concerns

Report: ‘Prepper’ Sales are Up Amid Endtime ConcernsToday's modern doomsday bunkers include high-tech communications equipment. Recently reported calamities and threats of war are driving the sales of "prepper" supplies through the roof.

September 25, 2017

(TruNews) A new report states that sales to Americans who are preparing for an assortment of calamities and end-times disasters are skyrocketing.

Reuters reports:

Sales of freeze-dried food, gas masks and other survival equipment have spiked in recent weeks as so-called “preppers” get ready to ride out any disaster, whether natural or man-made.

Inspiring their actions: images of people helpless against floodwater from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and island towns obliterated by their fury. People buried in rubble after earthquakes rattled Mexico. Footage of North Korea’s missiles blazing into the sky.

“It’s been a very busy six or seven weeks here - sales tripled practically overnight,” said Keith Bansemer, vice president for marketing for Idaho-based My Patriot Supply, an online store catering to preppper needs.

“It all started when North Korea shot the missile that was capable of reaching the U.S. Then the hurricanes and two Mexican earthquakes increased sales from California and Cascadia in the Northwest,” he said, referring to the corner of the country where many survivalists have settled because of its relative isolation.

The report states “common sense preppers” are not only preparing in case they must hunker down in their homes for up to a month, but also for the possibility of a rapid evacuation requiring a “bug out bag” for each member of the family.