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Residents prepare for catastrophe

Residents prepare for catastrophe

When an ice storm, hurricane, or flood strikes John Palumbo will be ready for its aftermath.


He wouldn’t say the exact number of days worth of non-perishable food he has stowed away in his cabinets at home but estimates it’s at least a year’s worth. He knows how to purify water, has taken a course on how to use an amateur radio in case telephone lines go down and has equipped his house with a generator and a woodstove.
“I wouldn’t say I’m ready for any storm. If something happened to my house that would be hard. But I’m ready for a lot of things,” said Palumbo, whose business card says he is a preparedness consultant and runs a Facebook page called NH Homesteading & Prepping Network.
He said when the ice storm slammed the state back in 2008, he used his generator, fired up the woodstove and all was well.

“We kicked our legs up,” he said, adding that he spent much of the time reading books and playing board games while others scrambled with how to deal with the situation.

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