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Spend More Time And Resources On Physical Conditioning

Spend More Time And Resources On Physical Conditioning

February 8, 2017, by Ken Jorgustin

If you are SERIOUS about prepping and preparedness, and if you have ANY suspicion that life as we know it might one day become ‘real’ SHTF, then perhaps THE most important thing you can do NOW is to spend more of your time and resources on physical conditioning.

A paragraph from a recent article reads as follows:

If I were out of shape, the chances of me making the trek were slim to none (a 30 mile bug-out through the mountains). That goes for any bug-out scenario in any environment. If your entire plan is based on driving out of a bad situation, you’re not prepared. Movement is life. If you can’t run, jump, climb, and fight fully loaded, start investing more time and resources on conditioning and less on the gear. (I can’t stress that point enough.)

While you or I might not face the prospect of that kind of grueling bug-out scenario, the thing is, you never really know what you might face if it all comes crashing down. Not only that, but your new way of life will very likely become much more physically demanding in an environment that has collapsed into chaos.

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