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Survival Lessons From The Native Americans

Survival Lessons From The Native Americans

Prepper's Will - Survival Lessons from the Native People  

For the Native people of our country, survival wasn’t something extraordinary as it is being portrayed today. It was just something they did every day. In our modern times, due to the abundance of TV shows, magazines and online information, survival has become a complicated way of life. The survival lessons passed to me by a Cherokee elder in North Carolina will show you that survival shouldn’t be as compplex as some would like you to believe.

To be a survivor, many recommend buying this or that because you won’t be able to make do without those items. Many of the folks out there will try to learn a thing or two about preparedness or survival. They will be overwhelmed by the amount of information available online. Most of these learning journeys will fail and people will just give up because everything seems too complicated, it costs too much or they don’t have the guts for it. Survival is not only about buying the best rifle or about having the best bushcraft knife. It’s about having the right concepts and use them in your favor.

Most of these survival lessons I’ve learned from my Cherokee friend. They are simple enough for the average Joe and everyone could benefit from their teachings.

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