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Winter Blizzard Shuts Down Truckers And Exemplifies SHTF

Winter Blizzard Shuts Down Truckers And Exemplifies SHTF

March 14, 2017, by Ken Jorgustin

I am currently on a road-trip and holed-up in eastern Pennsylvania under a Blizzard Warning while the forecast 24+ inches of the white stuff is shutting down all trucker transportation (and the rest) for tens of millions in the northeast.

As I was driving today I knew of the forecast for a potential record setting March Blizzard to impact the northeast. Listening to the CB radio I heard the truckers talking about the coming storm and hearing how many (all?) of them were hunkering down somewhere until it blows over.

It occurred to me once again how the truckers deliver the life-blood of the things that we all need each and every day. Without that lifeline, most people would be proverbially screwed. Most people don’t know this, don’t appreciate this, and don’t understand the systemic risk of it all…

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