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assange...second one food for thought


Seems like the same folks behind the Russian/Trump dossier are the same folks that want to vilify Assange. Perhaps we can start to connect the dots back to The City of London.



Stefen Molyneux

PS. what I found intriguing (and he ties many other points together quite coherently, by the way) was his mention that governments want chaos, conflict and strife in order to skate away from their obligations, knowing full well that those obligations will NEVER be met. It's a common refrain of governments everywhere....distract the masses with war, or upset, because the economy is going down the tubes (when we're at each others throats because of media created racial, religious or gender issues, then at least we're not trying to tear apart those in charge, the ones who picked our pockets clean, and who created the mess to begin with, right?). Divide and conquer, baby, divide and conquer.