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card game ...for everyone

We now have a Kickstarter for version 2. Please share it with your friends and encourage others to share it on social media. If I rely solely on my own work, I will fail, I need support from other people, even if it is only sharing on Facebook.
from his mom, my ex sister in law
es.  When I went back last year we played it quite a few time with various combinations of people both young and old.
Then we played it again  with Mark's brother and his two grown kids when we went camping last year.
It is really a fun game.  It isn't mean or nasty or crude as you might expect from the name.  It does take a bit of strategy.  Just when you think you are going to go out the table turns and the game goes on.
We also played some of the other adult card game - forgot most of their names except for Cards Against Humanity.  That was a crude and rude game that I found offensive and didn't want to play again.  There were cards in my hand that I refused to play because I found them offensive.  I didn't have that reaction with any of the cards in GFY.  
It does have an unfortunate name and would turn a lot of people off just because of that.  But, that's my boy!.