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that central bank has caused lots of war...from elsewhere

"It is well known that Hitler's Germany had to be trounced because he bypassed the international bankers. Evidently, the same was true of Japan many decades ago. They just produced the money that was needed for the producing economy, NOT for speculation.
Start watching at 3:45,

Japan has HUGE debt at the moment. In the Vid, it is mentioned that Japan owes the debt to themselves and have re-created the system that previously worked so well for them.
China has a huge debt and it is starting to look like they will just carry the debt and print what they need,,, independent of the international bankers.

The Anglo-American curse that originated in London and transferred to other European capitals centuries ago is winding down. There is no question that the debt bubble will blow. The Central Banks will try to maintain their monopoly. If Japan and China use debt-free money, the rest of Asia will follow. The FED can no longer use gun-boat diplomacy to hold down all the other economies.
It LOOKS like a war is to be started up against Iran. BUT, isreal is the hostage, "Israel anticipates 230,000 incoming missiles during next war "
The sabres will rattle,,, the deep state will block Trump,,,The markets will go up in smoke.
Make no misteake , Central banks have just one purpose. Remember, war is the most profitable enterprise for them.
"Early central banks were commonly set up to provide
finance to help fund wartime governments." Page 3
"The gold standard was overwhelmed by the financing needs of governments during World War I." page 4
This is a very informative paper authored by Weber, Trichet, et al.
The very educated authors are very convincing that we MUST have constant monetary inflation for the system to "work"
It is all so logical and convincing. "