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Dr Dave Janda about today's dt eo

The EO order has promise to bring competition to the health insurance market by allowing competition across state lines.... as opposed to the usual insurance company collusion.  In addition, giving small businesses the opportunity to form buying groups ( pooling) will also make the insurance companies compete.

Here is the frustrating part.... these were two of the many recommendations we (Dr. C Everett Koop, Jack Kemp & myself) made to President Reagan in 1988.  He wanted to implement them and then Bush 1 took over and they were shelved.... Clinton, Bush 2 also shelved.... Obama..... completely ignored.

This is a start..... now add expanded HSA's, Direct Primary Care, Prevention & Wellness Incentives, High Risk pools administered at the state level,  price transparancy for hospitals, docs, labs, therapists and radiology centers, tort reform and ripping Obama Care along with MACRA COMPLETELY out by their roots ...... and now we are on the road to a 70% reduction in Premiums and a more available health care delivery system.