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After 911, a law was passed authorizing the president to use military power WITHOUT CONGRESS VOTING ON IT...to go after terrorists. Only ONE Congress person voted against that law in 2001, BARBARA LEE. Since then, every single year...she puts forth a repeal toward that law. And every year...NOBODY votes with her, agrees with her, adopts her proposal, or assists her in any way. Not any DEMOCRAT, not THE BLACK CAUCUS, not any INDEPENDENT, or REPUBLICAN.

Every military action Obama ever did...was done under this old law. Practically every action Bush 43 did, was done under this law. But with people having serious concerns over Trump and his mental state, temperament, and connections to foreign adversaries...all of a sudden...after 17 years of this woman standing BY HERSELF against the entire world....her proposal to repeal that law was passed by the House Appropriations Committee on June 29th.

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