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I thought this post was perfect...

I recently moved from SoCal to the Midwest after living there since 1969. Although I've never lost a home due to the dozens of fires I've encountered over those years, I can tell you that it is absolutely CRAZY when a fire breaks out under certain weather conditions. First, when one of these fires was deliberately set, they used to tell us the persons race or nationality. Due to political correctness that ended, but that's not the main point...

When the Santa Ana winds blow towards the coast (usually it's an onshore flow of wind), it can blow up to 50 mph and when there is fire, it creates its own weather conditions. You can be in the middle of a suburb miles away from the flames and the wind can grab hold of burning embers and blow it for miles and if it lands on something flammable, like a palm tree, or your eave to your home, your house will be gone. You can do everything right like clearing the brush from around your house and randomly, it can still get you.