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not stock related--at all--- but POWER after the fact

Was an invited member of a very small group of women--all successful and wellknown for that--in a man's world.

Am constrained by privacy rules from saying too much--but can say that 9 of the 10 there admitted to having been raped, assaulted, abused and sexually terrorized.

These women are not underground.

They have been promoted and are in powerful positions. One died--my best friend. The rest ( absent me now) are doing what they can in their places to protect and preserve the wellbeing of people.

My DR told me-- "you are steps from the grave"--you have to stop.

I did for a while--but haven't recently.

Those memories  of malicious and contemptuous hands and bodies do not leave.

If anyone reading this has a bare understanding of what the willful abuse of another means---- then  they will have to think hard about why these pedophiles are NOT being dealt with, and WHAT actually  in fact the lawmakers/doers are failing to do.

DOING nothing is condoning and supporting continuing abuse.



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