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OT: traveling

Just don't have time to be here, but I try to lurk when I get a minute or two. I'm in McAllen, TX for a couple more days and then on to Dallas and a summer of travel from there. Hope to get home before end of August. Lots of people to visit and presentations in churches that support us. Heart feels about as good as it generally seems able to. I'll see my Baylor cardiologist next week for a quick review of my situation. Not expecting anything unusual. We expect to get to see our Chicago-son in late June. Looking forward to that.

The trip up to the border last Saturday usually takes about 10 hours. Took 14 hours due to some big accidents and who knows what else. Just glad we made it to the border without any serious issues. One particular accident took us a couple hours to get around; we eventually got onto a route we didn't know but the GPS somehow got us around...probably a 50 mile detour and went on the far west and north sides of Saltillo which I'd never done before. Glad we did that. Found out the next day that we'd have been sitting in the same spot until around midnight had we not followed a bunch of trucks that decided to go one-way the wrong-way on a 4 lane highway for about a mile in order to get to that alternate route we ended up taking. We had to go one-way the wrong-way at another spot further up the road, but we finally got to where we needed to be to get out of there. Crazy. Glad to be past all that. Barely keeping up with news or anything. I'm enjoying the break from it, to be honest.

The pic above was of an accident scene just before a tollbooth. The vehicles involved both ended up down the embankment. Only slowed us down about a minute. I was thankful for that. It was the last accident we had to deal with on the day and we were thankful to make it to and across the bridge into Laredo with about 30 minutes of light to spare. We don't ever want to be driving in the dark on this trip (at least not in the northern region of Mexico...we'll leave in the dark from our house as we know the area and it's generally safe to drive the main highways in the dark if you really have to).

The next two pics are from online newspapers that show the accident scene that stopped the northbound traffic on the tollway/bypass for about 12 hourr around the eastside of Saltillo. It happened just meters before a tunnel. Glad it wasn't in the tunnel or they'd still be trying to clean up and make repairs. The fire was hot enough that it could have caused the tunnel to collapse imo. I don't know that, but it seems logical. Anyway...

Have a great summer. I'll post interesting pics if I manage to take any as we travel. (all the pics that I took above were with my cheapo cell phone, but I do hope to break out the camera and try to get some nice pics if we see anything)

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