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In response to April 24th and April27th by easy (04/20/2017, 11:46am)

Re: April 24th and April27th

I'm starting to think Zerohedge, Infowars and all these guys are in bed with the Stock market Oligarchs. Remember last year with all the military manuevers on the west coast preparing for martial law? The more crap I read the worse I get about the end of the world. Looks like Syria and NK all noise as I posted earlier. All they do is pile in the shorts and then squeeze the shit out of them like they did this week. WTF!

Now we get Brexit tomorrow, LaPen and French elections, the debt ceiling and the 100th bail out of Greece. Not one DAMN event has mattered to the stock market and in fact every decent dip (Brexit) has immediately caused a V shape recovery after just a few days. We had just broke the 50DMA on the DOW, S&P and Russell, yet here we are soaring back in another V shape recovery. MFers!


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