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In response to Congressial h/c by easy (10/12/2017, 9:38am)

Re: Congressial h/c


What extraordinary investigative journalism! Congress has set up an arrangement that saves members time from doing menial chores. Shocking! Your next assignment, STAT editors, if you chose to accept it, is to investigate the office supplies store and the post office branch in the basement of the Longworth Building. What you discover may be astonishing!

S. melton

As an elderly member of Gold Star Wives of America who must use the Federal system of mail (dis)order prescriptions, which is a nightmare on the order of the VA system, WHY are members of Congress so special?
These pompous asses SHOULD do menial tasks and receive services from the Tricare/Express Scripts..perhaps there would be improvements made.
Maybe another look at the Congressional Post Office/banking system too ? Remember the fraud and deceit discovered the last time?