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In response to dws and the secret server--awan scandal by babywildthing (09/13/2017, 9:24am)

Re: dws and the secret server--awan scandal

None of this stuff matters until MSM picks up these stories and run with them which we know will never happen. Maybe a couple million in the US follow this stuff out of 340M follow this information, so basically it will never matter. They can make the stock and bond market do whatever they want with a push of a button or two. 

When I bring any of this info to people I know they look at me like I have two heads. Nobody barely inquires about what I try to bring forth, so it will never get any real attention. The secret weapons article I even confirmed two weeks ago with this board from a very high ranking person. Gov't and even many US citizens think its okay for these covert operations to transpire. Until we have a true economic collapse none of this will matter.

I have been talking with many of my friends in the software industry and they all say its tough out there, so will see what takes place with October earnings. So many companies I'd like to buy puts on, yet I know even a miss probably won't matter to the stock. All these companies can either announce a share buy back program, restructuring, a one time charge, they are seeking a buyer or whatever and the stock doesn't crater. Between Harvey and Irma GDP will be down and so will earnings for many companies, but its just another excuse to use for justifying a miss. I mean the weak dollar should offset any damage from the International conglomerates, so the market goes up.

We have monthly OPEX and that always is a good week, so if we are going to drop next week would be it.  

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