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Re: the flip side

I'm sure this person with the suspicions wouldn't want to "tip-off" a potential child-trafficker...that could be dangerous, right? Might be part of a syndicate...could hunt him/her down. Who knows what the person was thinking. Obviously, some people don't know how to handle all the information we're exposed to in this era and can't process it all logically and sanely. We all see and observe things out in public that we end up evaluating and analyzing...often within moments, seconds. We don't have long to process them and most of the time we don't need much time. However, something like this, one needs to exercise more than just a hunch or suspicion. That whole "see something, say something" idea under Obama. Really? See what? A crime? Sure...say something. A suspicious activity? What kind of suspicious activity? A man with a young girl on a plane from Mexico. Really? That's suspicious? The girl slept on his lap. That didn't seem rather safe? To have been on board the flight, a young girl and man (father) like that would have had to have fulfilled a number of screening requirements, including the letter from the mother which they had and this passenger wouldn't have possibly had access to nor the need to know. The airline and government officials would have obviously been privy to them. Why not just trust that this happened?

When the one time we got a recent news report of a stewardess seeing something unusual with a much older girl...the girl made some sort of veiled contact to indicate something wasn't right. That was a worker who routinely sees people on planes and out of thousands and thousands of passengers, this was the one time she felt something was not right. So...this random passenger doesn't have any clue other than there was a man with a young girl on the plane. Hello?!? Like that is rare?

I live out the country and I don't fly much, but even I would not be suspicious of that unless given more reasons to be suspicious. I've driven round trip to USA from Mexico once with one of my sons when he was only 13 years old. Wife wrote a letter. Couldn't get it notarized here without paying about $100 USD so I just winged it. No one asked for it...but again...we weren't flying. It's typically different when you fly. I just don't get how police are so stupid that they can't do more work with the accuser. Get more info from them. What is the suspicion and what gives cause to the suspicion? Of course, they're afraid if they do nothing and it turns out they were wrong, then they're in trouble. So, I get that. Nonetheless, the accuser should be brought off the plane too and made to sign their own accusation. We don't want to scare off people who really see a crime, but in this case, no crime was visible nor observed. If they're not willing to put their name on the accusation, then the accusation should have no merit. Anything that tentative should come with some responsibility for making the accusation. Fortunately, the man's story was checked and fortunately the wife was able to be reached. If she hadn't? No telling. Might have been detained. What a terrible situation to be in just because of being a parent.

On one of our trips to the USA, we passed through Memphis, TN. Stayed in a Drury Inn. They have an evening "dinner" in their lobby...hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, juice, pop, etc. It runs from like 5:30 to 7 p.m. With younger boys, it was perfect for a cheap meal and adds to the value of staying there. We're in there getting some food and a man looks at my kids and say, "what are you doing here? it's a school night." He was serious. I was flummoxed and irritated. yes, we homeschool and it was during the school year, but people never travel with their kids during the school year? funerals? doctor's appointments? whatever? As if staying in a motel with kids in the evening was some sort of suspicious activity! I think it was that same trip. We went through central FL to visit family...they're close enough to visit Disney so we decided for once we would splurge and take the boys to EPCOT. We stopped at a local supermarket on our way to EPCOT to pick up some snack and lunch foods to keep in the van in a cooler that we could come back to eat and save some money on our day. The cashier looked right at our boys (not to me or my wife) and said, "Why aren't you in school?" I was not happy about that. We actually answered her question...we homeschool and we are traveling and we're doing school as we travel, but today, we're going to EPCOT for a "field trip." Had she made a bigger deal than that, I would have asked for a manager and pressed the manager on such questioning. Is that really the job of the cashier at Winn-Dixie? We can take our business elsewhere if we're going to be interrogated by the local W-D cashier. 

So..I guess the above paragraph is in my mind when I think of that man on the plane with his daughter. Some people are just rude, condescending, and they think they know things that they couldn't possibly know, and that their suspicions are really important. Fortunately, not everyone is like that, but it only takes a few nuts to make others suffer for their nuttiness.