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In response to Re: I sure hope this is wrong...and if correct, I join the impeach group!! by babywildthing (04/20/2017, 10:31pm)

Re: I sure hope this is wrong...and if correct, I join the impeach group!!

this seems like a positive for Trump...maybe nothing all that big in the scope of things, but no doubt a good thing nonetheless. I never liked how Obama seemed to like the worst of the bad guys (not sure there are any good ones over there)...the Muslim Brotherhood got Obama's seal of approval and that made no sense to me...remember those guys who went around raping and molesting any Western woman they could find on the streets? And Obama always got a free pass for his support for that Islamic militant group that he claimed won a democratic election and yet they were very repressive both against women and other religions, especially Coptic Christians. And then when that government was overthrown by the current regime, Obama wouldn't deal with them, wouldn't even try to negotiate the release of this American citizen...just wanted to pretend he was taking some sort of moral high ground. That whole Arab Spring of Islamic radicalism seemed to have Obama's approval. He made public admonishments but seemed to be supportive of it all as a "democratic revolution." Two-faced imo.


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