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An Interesting IDB update! And how IDB got even faster.  IDB is fast, reliable, and FREE to use. Just join and start posting!

Re: I sure hope this is wrong...and if correct, I join the impeach group!!

I never could listen o OB--his voice was/is to me one that resonates of the charming creepy and dangerous psychopath.

I posted way back when n the PM board that he was bought and paid for. Fairsay agreed--I valued his opinion. He of course is now deceased-- a big loss to many of us--another voice of reason--gone.

This BS at the highest levels has to stop or we are toast.

I do NOT mean to overstate the issues.

WHY have the pedophiles not been arrested?

Where is the freeking weiner? et al?

WHY arrest Assange--  when the weiner and all those f---ing freaks run free.

I am so disgusted.

I have been/was sexually molested more than once aided and abetted by my .......  I did not like it--have lived with it a long time. I want those bullying bastards taken down!