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In response to Re: the intolerant left by techstockguru_2000 (03/20/2017, 8:06pm)

Re: the intolerant left

yeah...people aren't really thinking for themselves. which is what happens in a cult...they've drunk the Kool-Aid.

seriously. they have no idea what Trump's wall is about. We already have a wall for about 1/3 of the border with Mexico. Were these people mad, upset, livid, opposed-to that 1/3? If they're mad at Trump's extension of it, they should have been just as upset when all the other fencing, walls, and other barrier-types were constructed and put in place (no doubt some was there before they were ever born). So were they upset and opposed to the former border barriers? of course they weren't. they didn't care about it before and only the brainwashing of the liberal left has made them "care about" the Trump wall, even though they never talk about wanting to tear down any of the walls or fencing that are already in-place. that was never even a point made during Hillary's failed campaign, but it only goes to show the hypocrisy of the Trump wall objections. If they're so opposed to the Trump wall, they should also be opposed to the border barriers we already have. Why haven't they protested against those? Why haven't they demanded that all barriers be removed from the border? If they really are opposed to Trump's wall, they should also be in favor of ridding the entire border areas of any walls or fences. And let them enjoy the consequences of such foolishness. have them remove the locks from the doors of their homes and cars while they're at it and take down any privacy fencing or any other fencing or walls around their homes. let's be consistent.