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Re: Just another day

I didn't know if the attachment upload in the previous post would work.  It looks like it did.  My brother and i spent a few days in Atlantic City and tore them up.  Our last 3 trips there have been surreal.  Each time we hit a 'big one', I wonder if this is how Goldman, JPM and the boyz have felt every day since the 1913 Long Con started.  AC was pretty crowded.  Lots of boomers spending their social security and pension checks, but also lots of young people playing $15 and up table games.  It is sad to stroll on the boardwalk and not see it overflowing with people and vendors.  Now we're back in Sweet Home Alabama.  Cheesesteaks, hoagies, and soft pretzels are gone, pork bar-b-q, biscuits-and-gravy, and moon pies are back.

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