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An Interesting IDB update! And how IDB got even faster.  IDB is fast, reliable, and FREE to use. Just join and start posting!

Re: that move on the yen really speaks of desperation!!! mnkd looks Great tech!! eom

Yeah it was soaring this morning and the shorts came out with a massive hit piece on Seekling Alpha. The minute the article came out the stock cratered. It really is a battle against the shorts who are desperately trying to BK the company. It won't happen, but the illegel naked shorting of this stock is so criminal At one point it was on the fail to deliver sheets for 20 straight days. It just shows how corrupt the market can be and they pretty much do as they please. The stock is consistently in the top 5 most shorted stocks on the Nasdaq. Big Pharma fears this product as it will take tens of billions out of their pockets. Real confident in this one and we will get some substantial news this month and I think we hit $2.50 maybe even $3.00.