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are all of those doses for 2016 considered "required" or are some "required" and others "optional" or "recommended only"?

reading the blurb on the bottom left regarding childhood diseases/conditions that may relate to these vaccines, is Alzheimer's occuring in children? I've never come across that idea. I've only read or observed it in adults, and we could all probably give examples of elderly people with Alzheimer's who obviously were never subject to the vast majority of these vaccines. I'm not sure I see a connection between these vaccines and Alzheimer's. Not to say there aren't issues to be considered with the vaccines. I certainly don't agree with pumping vaccines into us unless absolutely necessary (as best we can determine that). I've never taken a flu shot and as far as I know, no one in my immediate family has (unless my Chicago son received one this winter at college...I'm not aware of it). I didn't know they were giving children routine flu shots. I don't think that may be a good idea at all. I've heard people who've gotten it who claim it spared them from the flu and others who've gotten it and then who got a bad case of the flu anyway (the shot can only potentially protect against just a couple/few strains of the flu out of dozens/hundreds? of strains out there as I understand it). Anyway, I would want to see a breakdown of which vaccines the government is saying are required (i.e. for school entrance). I doubt the flu shots are required, but I don't know.