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Re: ROTFLMAO!!! --- Multicultural Student Does Academic Research - All Hell Breaks Loose!


interestingly children have no racial bias until they are about 6 years old--and that is across all races according to well regarded studies

and children who attend multiIRACIAL SCHOOLS DO NOT--TO ANY SIGNIFICANT EXTENT--EITHER--much past the age of 6 

I live in a University City and my sons all attended multiracial schools--where more than 51 % were non-caucasian. None of them have had racial biases at all--but they have shown clear antipathy to issues of unfairness, have defended and befriended others (of other nationalities/colors they don't see) on personal biases, such as: intelligence, humor, honesty, quickness, support, caring and sharing...fwiw


\I know--sounds pollyannaish--but then it's just me reporting what i have seen....close at home and close to my heart.