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Re: ROTFLMAO!!! --- Multicultural Student Does Academic Research - All Hell Breaks Loose!

I went to a Prep School campus for my secondary education. I went on scholarship and since I lived near enough I didn't live on campus. As a non-white I got along with most everyone. My best friends there: three were Greeks, one South African, one polish and a West German among a few Americans as well. I did notice that I was one of a handful of non-White students who made the cut but not really surprised. A lot had to do with culture. My parents were both in the military and we were driven to excell just like my Asian friends growing up. A lot of others I knew were driven by their parents because they simply didn't have the drive for excellence in their cultures. But who knows, it could be "nature vs nurture" or a combination.  Some cultures value stupidity like today's youth who seem to think being ignorant and stupid and dropping out of school is the way to go according to their "culture" (often as seem on current entertainment programs). Youth want to emulate those that they see as the "role models" for them (i.e. Rappers, Drug Dealers, Unwed Mothers, Kardashians, etc.). What I see today is simply American youth caught up and circling the drain. 

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