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Re: ROTFLMAO!!! --- Multicultural Student Does Academic Research - All Hell Breaks Loose!


There appears to be both intrinsic and extrinsic calculators in human evaluation. The intrinsic can be identified very early on----starting w/ babies.

Big issue is when culture kicks in.

I grew up as previously said in a small northern town on the northern Minnesota border surrounded by reservations. My mother had a fear of the natives though none that I know of ever threatened her or did her harm. But she made all sorts of negative statements and connotations--she was also European born where the cossaks had raided her mother's home and held the whole family hostage., I keep wondering about genetic memory moving forward.

The children my sons knew were generally the children of foreign students or legitimate immigrants and they all mostly parked their biases at the door... my sense was they all wanted to get along and i saw this in their group sports and other activities--choir ,art , boy scouts etc.