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Our fund raising round was not successful.  As a result, IDB will be going off line and into cold storage.  If our competitors should stumble, I may re-active the site in the future but for now, we're turning out the lights.

I had planned to go off-line on April 4th.  Due to some important and unplanned changes in our maintenance schedule, I am now bumping that up to next Tuesday morning, March 27th, 2018.  PM 'admin' if you need to reach me. 

You should use the next 5 days to find a new home for your community.

Running IDB has been fun over the years and I hope you enjoyed your time here as well.  Sincerely,  Paul

P.S. News on IDB Funding -- this is now on it's own page to clean up the site a bit.

In response to Trump denies he referred to Africa as a 'shithole' by Black Blade (01/12/2018, 9:50am)

Re: Trump denies he referred to Africa as a 'shithole'

from elsewhere:::lol, thought it was said well....

All I've ever heard for years and years and years RE: shipping illegals back home:

Liberals: "Why......?!?!?!?!?!  You can't send these people back to their own countries.  Those countries are filled with drugs, and gangs and corrupt governments.  There is no housing and no food available!!!  They don't have proper drinking water and 98% of the population lives in absolute filth and squalor!!! They will probably all die of cholera or dysentery within a month!!!  I guess that's a good thing since they don't have a decent education system and zero jobs to make money anyways, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc................................."

Then, today:

Trump: "...shithole countries"

liberals, "WOAH!!!! HEY!!!!!!!  YOU CAN'T SAY THAT SHIT!!!!!!!  WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!"

LMFAO, come on.

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