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Re: Twitter Caught Trying To Silence James O’Keefe After He Exposed Their Conservative Censorship Regime

old Blue kicked me off of investor village for being a Trump supporter !!
Guess maybe the assholes at the TGA board had a big hand in it also , i do not like being called a welfare dairy queen by at hot shot attorney from down south that does freee work for the poor welfare mothers [ says he does not get a tax deduction for doing that work  LOL ] ! Also do not like being stabbed in the back by a asshole attorney from the southeast , then we have the pumper with someone else heart in his chest  from down south that thinks he is the worlds greates golfer . Then we have the asshole from out west that loves to post cartons about me , and does like the same [ must be a sucking liberal ] Then we have the assholes from Canada that tryed to get the old bitch elected and failed , righand 2 was a real asshole and he still is over on stockhouse , i hear doomonyou kicked him off his board . He just loves to send real nice PMs , cocksucker must be a sucking liberal also .

I just can not understand why old Blue kicked me off and left the liberal assholes keep on posting on  investor village , maybe something in the water he is drinking or the company he keeps

Hey hi Blue i know you read my post here on IDB and all i can say is FUCK YOU