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News on IDB Funding -- this is now on it's own page to clean up the site a bit.

In response to A View of N Korea you have no idea about by easy (06/18/2017, 12:41am)

Re: A View of N Korea you have no idea about

Yep pretty much like Libya, Iraq and Syria until we blew them back to the stone age. Iran is anothe beautiful country that we want decimated. We can't force our values and cultures on other countires or expect to take in refugees from those bombed out places expecting them to accept our views. In fact our views are so heavily distorted and criminal why shoulD they accept those characteristics? We aren't a republic or a democray, but a damn Oligarcy with fascism as the rule of land. Disgusting and just don't think anything will ever change. Its like the unrelentless printing of money as its to late to stop printing. Austerity, budget cuts and any other policies outside the current standard is to late. 

Reality Illinois can't pay $15B in back bills and have told the contractors to stop working at the end of the month. $130B in underfunded pension liabilities and the list goes on and on. MFers have everything BK and it will matter one day.

I sold my cryptos and am predicting a cratering this week in the markets. WHY? 10 year was at 2.50% after the first rate cut in Dec of 2015 then 3 more rate cuts and we sit at 2.15% WTF. Oil well under $50 a barrel and yield curve flatlining with a weakening in the MoMo stocks on the Naz. I think our time is now.