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Scathing Letter from Congress to BLM



 Congress,Government Run Amok,Legal |  
January 13, 2018

“BLM’ s apparent culture of impunity for law enforcement misconduct is a detriment to the public and those employees committed to ethical service. Both employees and supervisors have a duty to report any wrongdoing and misconduct to ensure a respectful, professional, and safe work environment.”

Comments by editor

On January 10, Rob Bishop and Bruce Westerman of the House Natural Resources Committee wrote a letter to the Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management, Brian Steed, citing flagrant ethical and legal violations by agents involved in a number of high profile and deadly incidents.

Foremost among the troubling activities recounted in the letter were the ‘serious and systematic’ acts of misconduct by BLM law-enforcement agents involved in the infamous Bundy Ranch raid of 2014. At the center of these controversies is Dan Love, the BLM Law Enforcement Director in charge of the raid, who is mentioned in the letter as having ‘abused his authority in multiple instances.’ Although the letter refers to Dan Love’s behavior only generally, his despicable history goes back several years, to the antiquities sting, Operation Cerberus, which resulted in the deaths of four men in the Four Corners region.

It was a detailed memo issued by a whistleblower from within the agency who confirmed what had been repeatedly claimed by both the victims of BLM brutality at the ranch, as well as the defendants arrested in its aftermath. Instances of ‘misconduct,’ ‘unprofessionalism,’ ‘incredible bias,’ and worse on the parts of BLM agents who raided the Bundy Ranch were so significant as to wholly undermined the prosecution’s case. The BLM debacle at the Bundy Ranch resulted in one of the most embarrassing and expensive black eyes to the federal government in recent memory.

Also cited in the letter is the tragic case of Kate Steinle, a young woman who was murdered by a criminal illegal who had in his possession a BLM-issued pistol. The pistol apparently belonged to a BLM agent who left the unsecured weapon in a backpack in his vehicle. The senseless murder of Kate Steinle has brought into question not only misconduct and incompetence on the part of BLM law enforcement agents, but also the dangerous ‘sanctuary city’ policies of progressive enclaves across the country.

The text of the letter reads: